Fighting for Racial Justice – One Step at a Time

Racial justice has been a defining feature in the pages of history books. The struggle for equality and racial justice that Martin Luther King Jr. laid the groundwork for, lingers on in society till today. The difference now is that young individuals are better equipped with the skills and ideas needed to execute processes aimed at ensuring justice for all. They are more united, more determined, more aware, and have an altruistic approach towards creating a better and more prosperous world.

There have been improvements in narrowing the gap that has divided different races. From equality in terms of opportunities provided in the academic and professional spheres, to people of different races sitting hand in hand and collaborating to fast-track initiatives aimed at socio-economic success. The continuation of this trajectory is what young individuals today have an eye for. It is the basis for which there is hope for an equal and just society.

There are several ways in which the journey towards racial justice and equality can be expedited. Here are some of them that can be embraced by young and talented individuals and incorporated into their daily lives:

●Spreading awareness on the importance of racial justice and equality

●Taking part in and organizing initiatives aimed at providing equal opportunities for people of all races.

●Working in collaboration with youth-based organizations to bring people together for the common goal of a prosperous and just society.

●Donating and raising funds for organizations aimed at racial equality and justice.

The hope for Martin Luther King’s dream to come true has not been buried. It is alive in the hearts and minds of the youth today. His words are remembered by all and reflected upon by people who have faith, passion, and determination to create a peaceful society. Reaching the end goal is not difficult anymore, all it requires is hard work and persistence.

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