How to Deal with Injustices in Our Communities with Mercy and Benevolence

There are a lot of injustices in this world that go answered – and this is more common when the victim is part of a minority. The film Just Mercy shows us how a lawyer is forced to think creatively when trying to get justice for an innocent African-American man. Using Just Mercy as an example, here are some creative ways on how to deal with injustice in our community.

Quick Synopsis of the Film

Just Mercy was about a young defense attorney, Bryan Stevenson, who fought a case for an African-American man, Walter McMillian, who was wrongfully convicted for the murder of a white woman. He used evidence that proved McMillian’s innocence to build his case.

McMillian’s family had provided the police with a solid alibi for him, but the police gave it no credence. He was having an affair with a white woman and, because of that, the police coerced others to testify his involvement in the murder. This wrongful conviction put him behind bars for life, until his conviction was later changed to a death sentence.

Throughout the case, Stevenson faces multiple instances of racism and the case was not getting any attention because of that. Stevenson eventually brought attention to the case by talking about it on the news television program called 60 Minutes. After fighting the case, McMillian was released.

What Creative Ways Can You Use to Fight Injustice?

It is difficult to beat a judicial system when it is rooted in racism. In that case, you must not give up on pursuing justice – it is important to pursue justice no matter what the situation is. That said, you can find creative ways to bring attention to a particular case like Bryan Stevenson.

Use Social Media Platforms
A huge chunk of the population is using social media platforms today. You can use that as a means to bring attention to situations and cases that are often ignored. One post can go viral within minutes and people from all over the world can access something you post on Facebook or Twitter. You can discuss an issue first among community members so that they can support you when you make the issue public. This will lower the chances of fake news from spreading.

A lot of activists have moved their work and conversations online because that’s where most people are. You can also do the same. If you have a specific situation or a topic that’s close to your heart, you can start a conversation on it on the internet and allow others to participate in it.

Write an Article in the Newspaper
Newspapers don’t have the same readership they had years ago. Despite that, they are still an effective way to bring attention to an injustice that is forgotten by the public and the establishment. Former LAPD detective, Russell Poole, published an article about the celebrity Christopher Wallace’s murder in the LA Times because the police were not giving the young man justice.

As a story of injustice becomes popular, there is a greater chance that more people will be willing to bring rightful justice to a person or people.

It is important that we do not stop pursuing justice for people who are from the minority.

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