How to Increase Productivity When Taking Online Classes

With so much of our work suddenly shifting online, being productive at home is essential for success. For many of us, the problem isn’t the lack of technological capability but rather staying focused in an environment full of distractions and no supervision.

As a non-profit training institute that carries out numerous urban youth empowerment programs and leadership development workshops online, this is one question that comes up regularly.

To help our students maximize learning from virtual classes and minimize any distractions, we’ve compiled a list of essential productivity tips right here.

Tip #1: Get Your Computer Ready
When opting for an online course, it’s essential to have some basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Keep in mind that you may have to use online databases, download and upload attachments, and use basic software in Microsoft Office for almost any online class.

Apart from these key computer literacy skills, it would help if you also got your hardware in order. Make sure there’s enough disk space for programs to run efficiently and securely.

You can do this by removing documents that are taking up excessive space,running disk cleanup, and preventing unnecessary applications from running in the background.

Tip #2: A Separate Workspace
A great way to ensure productivity at home is by assigning a dedicated workspace for online classes. Of course, the majority of students don’t have the luxury of elaborate study rooms at home, but even a quiet corner can drastically improve your efficiency.

A dedicated space will allow you to get into work mode mentally and will keep things organized instead of all over the house. If possible, look for a place that has lots of natural light and minimal distractions for enhanced productivity.

Tip #3: Ensure Time Management
Online courses come with a certain degree of flexibility—but it can also pose some challenges. As such, you have to hold yourself accountable and set a schedule that’ll allow you to produce high-quality work consistently.

Rushing to get assignments done at the last minute will likely result in substandard work that doesn’t maximize your learning from the class.

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