With Failure Comes Success

Experiencing failure while trying to achieve a goal is what everyone has faced at least once in their lives. However, what matters is how the failure is comprehended, perceived, and internalized. For some, it may be the last straw, enough for them to give up and not try again. For others, it may be the driving force to strive harder. In the highly complex world today that has challenges that are far stretched, young individuals have started to fall victim to the former. However, there is always hope that comes with downfall. We have learned this from the struggles faced by champions of peace, prosperity, and brotherhood in the past.

Martin Luther King Jr. is one such figure who has been a source of inspiration for many to strive for success no matter what hurdles may come in the way. From the peaceful protests, sit-ins, and bus boycotts, to his efforts to spread God’s word day and night, the struggle was surely long and tiring. But it bore fruitful results in the end. This is because Martin Luther King Jr. stayed persistent and chose to view his setbacks as a means of getting back up and trying harder.

This is what true resilience is – being able to get back up on your feet in the face of adversary and unprecedented events. We can apply this to our lives as well. Be it in our personal, academic, or professional experiences, facing failure with a resilient and adaptable approach forms the basis for helping view setbacks as opportunities to learn from. By self-reflecting and gauging over the experience, mistakes can be identified and evaluated. Thus, making the next attempt at reaching your goal a form of starting from experience, and not from scratch. As a result, success is sure to follow.

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