The Importance of Honoring Our Veterans

On Veterans Day, we honor all the brave veterans and their loved ones who have given so much to protect our way of life and ensure our freedom. The holiday celebrates the efforts of people who have served or continue to serve in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Unlike Memorial Day, which commemorates those who lost their lives in service, Veterans Day highlights the work of service members and their families.

Many ex-military members have to live with chronic pain, disability, and other service-related illnesses. Apart from the physical toll, studies show that military veterans—even those not in active combat duty—are at a higher risk of mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

Giving back to our veterans
Information from the US Census suggests that about 18 million veterans currently reside in the US, and over 75 percent are above the age of 65. These heroes deserve immense appreciation, support, and respect for the work they have done so we could live good lives.

The way our veterans have pledged allegiance to the constitution and exhibited critical leadership skills in times of crisis sets an example for young people.

How can you honor veterans?
Listen to their stories. Many military veterans feel like they’re unable to discuss their experiences and can’t move past their trauma. If you have veterans in your life, you can ask them about the time they spent and service and make yourself available in case they ever need to talk to someone. Their work might teach you something important along the way too.

Volunteer to help a veteran. You can express your gratitude by participating in the numerous programs that are designed to help vets. This includes volunteering at a VA hospital, taking care of a home bound vet, or simply spending some time with them.

Help out a veteran’s family. A veteran’s family might be going through a tough time, too, especially if the family member is away on duty. Even a small act of kindness like inviting their family over for dinner is something they’ll remember forever.

How we honor veterans
At Youth With A Future, we believe the stories and experiences of our heroes can help instill strong values, beliefs, and attitudes in our children. Doing good by the people that have served our country,and learning from them will help us grow and excel as leaders in our communities.

View our Veterans Day tribute here: You Protect Our Freedoms

Happy Veterans Day to you!

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