The Power Of Choice

What sets human beings apart from other creations, is a simple yet powerful ability. And that is the ability to make choices. This power is what has helped humanity progress and society develop sustainably. But, the misuse of this power can do more damage than intended as well. This is where the key to ensuring altruistic decision-making lies. It is the conscious effort of making choices that come with not just short term benefits but provides long term opportunities for progress as well. And, effective and influential leaders have an eye for making the right choices.

How do they do this? Well, by weighing out the pros and cons of each option available. Meticulous calculation of the repercussions that follow plays an important role here. This is an art that one cannot be equipped with overnight. It requires exposure to difficult challenges and opportunities. By taking part in activities and situations that are beyond ones’ comfort zone, one can learn to foresee the future. By shedding light on the smallest of details and the impacts they can create, this wisdom can seek to help one achieve personal development along with the development of society as a whole.

Think of it as the Butterfly Effect. In essence, the theory states that the flapping of the butterfly’s wings today, can in the future cause a hurricane in another part of the world. This may not occur immediately; it may be decades or even centuries from now. But, it will surely happen somewhere down the road. It’s a mathematical theory but it has the pearls of wisdom that can be applied to one’s life. The choices we make today, are symbolic of the butterfly; a delicate and fragile creature, yet it has the power to source great impact. In the same manner, no matter how insignificant the choices we make may seem, they are powerful enough to move mountains later on.

So, before you make any decision or choice, be proactive. Think of the butterfly and the flapping of its wings. List down all the positive and negative impacts of the choices in front of you along with their short and long-term consequences. Doing this will surely help you choose the best option out there. One that is sustainable and altruistic going forward. This is what you want to keep your eye focused on if you seek to become an inspirational and effective leader someday.

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