How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Parent or Guardian

There are no words that can describe the value of parents or guardians. They constantly work hard to raise you well and make multiple sacrifices to help you reach your potential. However, your relationship can get a little strained sometimes. After all, they are kind of the boss, aren't they?

Still, there are many ways to build a strong relationship with your parents or guardians:

  • Be kind to them. A snarky comment is easy to make; it's kindness that requires work. Youngsters often forget that all parents need from their children is a word of compassion and love.

  • Understand that they are human beings too. Parents and guardians make mistakes, too! Give them grace as you travel through the journey of life together with them.

  • Spend time with them and talk to them. Your parents or guardians most likely spent their days and nights with you when you were a kid. Now you are spreading your wings and want to see the world, but it is important never to forget who brought you to this point. Hence, prioritize them over your friends sometimes.

  • Share your problems. parents or guardians want to support their children in tough times. In fact, they can be your biggest support. So, in times of distress, tell your parents or guardians what's bothering you, and you will see how they can become your shoulder to lean on.

  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. Your parents or guardians have a lot of life experience. They have already experienced the things you go through now. So, ask them what you want to know about what's more to come your way, or simply ask about their life. What was it like living in their teens without a phone and friends just a message away?

  • Express your love. A simple "I love you" can go a long way!

People often don't realize their parents' value until it is too late. It is usually during the teenage years that the parent-child relationship gets affected. YWAF is dedicated to instilling family values in today's youth so they can have a strong relationship with parents and recognize family values.

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