Giving Tuesday 2023

As the struggles to combat the education divide triggered by the inadequate digital infrastructure in most places, to the lack of social interactions - the rising mental health concerns brought by isolation is something that should not be taken lightly. Finding ways to emerge as resilient individuals have become a defining feature for most of the passionate and talented youth of today. There is now a clear path being paved for the ways to ameliorate the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus. This has been brought to the forefront by efforts made by like-minded groups that are engaged in building a sustainable and resilient world.

What We do
Youth With a Future is a non-profit leadership training platform that has structured itself to adapt to the evolving world and seeks to equip the youth for unprecedented events that lie ahead. We do this by offering community partnerships, mentorship programs, leadership events, and more.

And, this Giving Tuesday we seek to bring together and recognize the efforts made by individuals and businesses to transform communities for the better.

Tools to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
Leadership skills require a careful mix of aspects, the amalgamation of which reap high returns. From advancing in career prospects, to influencing peers to strive for excellence, the platform executes true leadership capabilities that are available in abundance at Youth With a Future.

However, identifying, examining, and analyzing the core leadership values that create influential and effective leaders require meticulous understanding and exposure. Thus, Youth With a Future rests its leadership agenda on 8 essential values ranging as follows:

✔ Choice Of Mentor
✔ Passion For Purpose And People
✔ Visionary Leadership
✔ Culturally Relevant Communication
✔ Multiplication Of Leaders
✔ Family As A Priority
✔ Good Stewardship
✔ Integrity

Take Part in Our Leadership Training – Learn From the Best
Our previous students have made a lasting impact on the socio-political realms of businesses today. Our programs have been designed to help unlock leadership potential, and attain opportunities for self- actualization and persistent growth. This is why our talented and passionate students have committed themselves to helping share their skills and experiences by conducting leadership training and workshops.

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds, specialties, and academic qualifications. If you wish to become a part of the Youth With a Future alumni, then get in touch with us to get started without delay.

How You Can Help this Giving Tuesday
The torchbearers of today are resilient, brave, well learned, and capable of taking on challenges with a can-do attitude. And for this, Youth With a Future has dedicated its efforts to expedite the prospects of ensuring a bright and sustainable future by aspiring to raise $25,000 this Giving Tuesday.

We have partnered with some of the leading names that are devoted to helping young and talented individuals further hone their personal and professional development and advance their skills. If you wish to help students who have actively participated in our programs to help build a better world, you can do so with a swift and fast-tracked process of offering donations and financial assistance.

Make sure to access the wide variety of resources provided on our website, ranging from eBooks, videos of our successful students and mentors, blogs, research projects, and more!

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