Leadership Without Values and the Consequences

Leadership without values is not leadership. Leading without values results in consequences, not just for you, but for your followers as well. Personal values shape your decisions and behavior and act as a driving force for creating values for others to live by. Let’s find out how values play an important and fundamental role in leadership:

1. Guide Your Decisions
Leaders have to make several decisions. Some are harder than others. Some are faster, and some take time. Let your value system be your guide in whatever decision you make. When you have a decision to make, do it consciously in the beginning and then practice making decisions intentionally, but subconsciously based on your value system.

2. Strengthen Your Ability to Influence
It’s your values that make you passionate about certain subjects. When you use your values to communicate, you connect and influence others. You fascinate people when you speak passionately about a subject. They’re drawn to you like bees to honey. You’re a leader when you can get the entire room to listen. You’re a leader with the innate ability to persuade, influence, and inspire.

3. Create Clarity
Without clarity, focus, and productivity go out the window. Being unclear about your values can weaken you as a leader. When you’ve to make a decision, even the smallest one, you’ll feel puzzled, confused, and struggle to make it. You need to be clear about your values and what you stand for if you want to step up to a leadership role in the future.

4. Reduce Stress
Stress is contagious. If one person looks and feels stress and voices it, it infects the entire room. Leaders can’t be stressed in front of their followers. If a leader is stressed, the followers will lose hope. It’s a hard thing to hide your stress, but for a leader, it’s a trait they need to master. Being clear about your values can help you communicate better, reduce stress, and make decisions faster.

5. Guide Your Actions
Whatever you do in your life, whether it’s lying or telling the truth, it’s your values guiding your actions. Your values determine if it’s okay to lie or tell the truth in a certain situation. When your actions are guided by your values, you’ll be a more productive, confident, and effective leader.

Without values, everything around you will fall

You can’t rise to a leadership position without values. You’ll meet a lot of consequences along the way if you don’t have a value system that you follow and use to navigate your life. Some of the consequences you’ll come across include without a value system in place:

  • Unable to tackle and overcome challenges
  • Unable to inspire confidence in others
  • Unable to create unity among people
  • Unable to build a productive, talented team to support them Unable to find meaning in anything they do

Get rid of the “unable” and be “able” to tackle and overcome challenges, inspire confidence, create unity, build a productive team, and find meaning in things.

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