My Character Determines How I Think

2 Peter 1:1-21

With a rise in unprecedented events and unfortunate situations, the need for building meaningful relationships and spreading love and peace has become vital. This is not only the stepping stone towards helping societies improve and progress, but is also a means of reflecting on one’s inner self. How one behaves, speaks, and treats others defines their character. And the character reflects on how one thinks and feels.

A pearl of similar wisdom can be drawn from Peter, the apostle, and servant of Jesus Christ. In his reminder to the Christians, he sheds light on how they have been blessed with all the elements needed to live a good life. What they must do in return is improve on their positive attributes and develop a character that is righteous, welcoming, and ethical. This was the key element needed to make the godly lives that they had been gifted with as productive and meaningful.

In our lives too, the application of Peters teachings can be applied. We as humans are blessed with the ability to choose, this is what separates us from other creations. Thus, enabling us to make a choice or decision to act righteously or not. Not only this, but we are also blessed with the bounties of goodness that are often taken for granted. And so, with it a sense of ingratitude follows, thus becoming the bedrock that aids towards an immoral mental compass. This is what pushes one towards failure. It is a window that opens up to how a person thinks without them having to speak.

What is therefore needed is the desire to repair and mend this compass that rests on the values of integrity, righteousness, fidelity, courtesy, and humility. With these qualities forming the basis of one personality, the prospects of achieving personal and professional goals and aspirations become effortless. They also help facilitate the development of mutually beneficial and comforting relationships along with achieving inner peace and contentment.

It is time for us to look back on the perception and wisdom that Peter embarked upon to not only improve ourselves and the society we live in but live a life that is productive and meaningful. Small steps today can transform into quantum leaps in the times to come. It rests in our hands to make those moments worth it. And, it all depends on how we build upon our character and present our mindset and thought process via our actions and speech.

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