True Freedom

“All men are created equal” – these powerful words have been the defining feature of the Declaration of Independence signed centuries ago. They have time and again been the source of motivation for us all to fight for equality and build a society that is based on the tenants of freedom. By becoming a free nation after struggling through oppression and hardships, the fight to help others be free is what young individuals today are geared towards. True freedom in this regard lies in treating people with dignity and respect, ensuring equal access to resources, and accepting and recognizing the different norms and ideas different people bring. Champions of freedom have been remembered for their determination throughout history. From the efforts put forth by Abraham Lincoln, to the fight for freedom displayed by Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr., all have been a reminder for us to stay persistent and determined going forward.

Freedom encompasses a wide range of aspects, from freedom of speech, thought, life, to the right to receiving respect and dignity as a human being. The presence of which leads to a truly free society. One where everyone is free to set their goals and ambitions, achieve them, and aid in creating a prosperous world for all.

In the fight for true freedom the power of words combined with actions is important. This is why it is important to raise awareness about the ills in society that restrict freedom. This can be done through disseminating the right information through social media platforms, engaging in initiatives and conferences aimed at promoting the tenants of freedom, and actively participating in helping those who are oppressed to attain freedom.

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