The Leader Who Plans Foresees the Future

Making sound decisions in life rest on the pillar of pre-planning. This does not only help reach the desired end sustainably and responsibly but also seeks to ensure personal and professional development along the way. Leaders today are praised for their efforts and actions based on how well they plan for the times ahead. The careful calculations of how a certain action or event is to benefit masses along with the impact it will create are analyzed, identified, and observed. The greater the benefits provided to people in the political, social, and economic realms, the better it is for society. It helps set the tone for progress and growth. This is the key goal that every leader desires to achieve.

And to do so, being able to foretell and foresee events requires planning. We can take inspiration from Genesis 3:15 about how foretelling can be interpreted. Using symbols, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ followed by his return to earth is foretold. It is then planned by God that Jesus will bind Satan and defeat him. These events as planned took place with Jesus Christ being crucified. What remains to follow is the latter too.

In our lives too, having everything planned plays an important role in how decisions are made and implemented. This also forms the basis of making an altruistic decision that is designed to benefit the generations to come. Leaders are thus respected and followed if their planning proves to be fruitful. However, it is important to disseminate the plan to the masses as well. This helps engage society, especially the young and passionate adults to help reach the goals and aims outlined in the plan in a smooth and efficient manner.

In addition, it is also important for the shortcomings of the plan to be brought to the limelight. With every action, there are flaws and the possibility of errors occurring. Thus, ensuring a solution to the possible errors constitutes as a vital part of the plan as well. In a transforming and evolving geopolitical and social landscape, planning ahead is important. And to get started on this process by young adults today is encouraged. So, it’s never too late to draw on from the wisdom and knowledge one is provided with. Be it from history or biblical text. When analyzed and interpreted efficiently, it can do wonders to help plan for a better and bright future for all.

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