7 Simple Ways to Help Others and Give Back to Your Community

As a young person, you play a huge role in building a community. After all, you are the future leaders who will carry forward the prestigious flag we all bear. The community has done so much for you. It gave you an identity and a sense of belonging. Let’s not forget a strong community stands together with a family that needs help. So what are some ways that you can give back to your community with your time and your talents?

Keep the Community Clean
Are you wondering how to help your neighbor? Well, keeping your street clean is the first thing you can do to give back to the community.

Report Suspicious People and Behavior
Keeping an eye on the activities in your neighborhood is a good way to be a responsible part of the community. Watch out for strangers who hang around children, schools, and parks or people asking too many questions about someone in the neighborhood. Report this activity to an adult so they can take the right steps to protect your community.

Plant a Tree
One of the simplest ways to give back to your community is by planting trees. Global warming has vastly affected the climate; trees can help subside the effects, if not eliminate them. Plant drives are a nice initiative you can do with the help of some adults.

Volunteer in Programs
Many neighborhoods have community programs that the local church and nonprofits run to help people in need. You can volunteer in such programs and help others by giving them your time. If you cannot volunteer, you can start an awareness group at school about a prevalent issue among the youth, for example, substance abuse, online bullying, or depression.

Ask to See if Anybody Requires Help
Is someone moving in on your street? Go ahead and ask if they require help. It can be hard for new people to mingle in communities. Small acts of kindness can go a long way!

Engage with Elderly Neighbors
Every neighborhood has at least one older adult who seems to be on their own. Our elderly have played a big part in making our country what it is today. Some have served in wars and protected the country’s honor, while some have helped the economy by running a business. They have many stories to tell and could use a hand with some tasks too.

Donate Old Clothes, Books, and Other Accessories
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Instead of hoarding your old belongings or throwing them away, donate them to people who could really use them. Dig around your room and closet, and you will surely find things you can give away.

Love Thy Neighbor!
Neighbors can be a great support in times of need and, when united, can elevate the conditions of your community. You can always find more ways to give back to the community. Find something easy for you and where you can invest your time efficiently.

Youth With A Future is dedicated to empowering the youth, so they can uplift their communities and play a critical part as future leaders of the United States.

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