The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness and Training in 2020 and Beyond

Although virtual threats are constantly on the rise, not enough efforts are being made to defend against cyber attacks—unfortunately. And yet, the danger posed by cyber criminals couldn’t be more apparent.

As pointed out by an industry website, 60% of enterprises that suffer from cyber attacks and lose their data go out of business within six months of the disaster. After all, who wants to do business with an enterprise that doesn’t know how to defend itself?

A Shortage of Talent In the Cybersecurity Industry
Many businesses and other types of organizations struggle to protect themselves because of a perceived shortage of talent in cybersecurity skills. Really, there are very few jobs that are as “in demand” as “cybersecurity specialist.”

From large, multi-national organizations that are raking in billions to small startups that have just launched their apps, enterprises of all shapes and sizes require cyber expertise.

An Ever-Evolving Threat
Cyber criminals are constantly evolving—and so are the threats they propagate. As the number of malevolent network intrusions continues to rise, cyber criminals gain more and more actionable findings and power.

They continue to refine their craft and gather the tools they need to take down increasingly high-value targets. Sadly, the perpetual rapid growth within the cyber crime sector hasn’t been rivaled by an equally-strong push to strengthen cyber defense.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Should Be Reinforced From a Young Age
At the beginning of 2015, then U.S VP, Joe Biden, announced that the United States Department of Energy would roll out a $25 million grant for supporting cybersecurity educational efforts. This announcement not only showed that the U.S Govt. was committed to combating cybercrime but also showed that it was ready to make significant investments in the future of virtual protection.

Now, that future is being taken upby the current generation of youngsters who’ll take up the cyber cause. Cybersecurity jobs aren’t only highly in-demand and critical work, they also pay extremely well.

Considering the lucrative opportunities the industry offers, it’s not surprising that cyber security-based educational programs are cropping up all over the country.

The summer cyber programs we offer here at Young With a Future are geared to instill the importance of cybersecurity awareness in youngsters at an early age and train them to become the best experts they can be. Besides cyber systems, we also offer various youth leadership and skills development programs. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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