Challenges Faced by Today’s Generation

In the rapidly evolving world today, the number of challenges being faced by young people is alarming. This has led to several protests, movements, and coming together of communities to address the concerns sustainably. Youth With a Future is one such dedicated initiative that seeks to help equip young people with the tools needed to face these challenges. But first, let’s have a look at what the challenges faced by today’s generation are.

Climate Change
Climate change is the first on this list. The threat to the environment and the planet has been on display since the start of this decade. From rising sea levels, unexpected changes in weather patterns, to animal extinction, all add to the list. Amidst all of this, distributive injustice looms high. While the developed world has the resources and means to mitigate the adverse impacts brought by climate change, the developing world struggles to stay afloat. This is a challenge that most young people are concerned about going forward.

Growing Amidst a Pandemic
The challenges brought by the pandemic have been far stretching. Lockdowns did not only deprive young people of social interaction which is essential for cognitive development but also cast a dark shadow of the mental health pandemic. Pulling out from this web will take today’s generation a long period of time.

The Age of Technology
While social media and technology have their benefits, it also comes with a few challenges. The main one being cybersecurity. This, combined with privacy concerns and bullying on social media platforms, has become a growing challenge.  So is the spread of misinformation and propaganda. Being able to decipher accurate information and news from what is fake is what the young generation today is struggling with.

Racism and Injustice
Though globalization has played an important role in connecting the world and breaking down barriers, it has also given rise to racism and injustice. Inclusive and multicultural societies are experiencing this the most. It has led to several movements such the Black Lives Matter to address the gaps in opportunities and resources for people of color. The path towards creating a just and fair world is what the youth today aim for and have committed themselves to make possible.

Lack Of Resources And Opportunities
Unemployment has been on the rise all across the world. The generation today struggles to equip itself with the tools needed to prosper. The mismanagement of resources, lack of opportunities, and more have exacerbated this concern. Finding a way out from this is going to require a greater effort than expected.

The Final Verdict
The challenges being faced by today’s generation are quite potent and clear. They have manifested themselves in all works of life as well. From the political, social, and economic, to even the environmental and technological spheres, all are impacted greatly. To overcome these challenges, being aware of them and staying committed to addressing them is key. This is where Youth With a Future seeks to play its part by equipping the generation today with the skills, tools, resources, and more to address these challenges effortlessly.

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