Some Things Don’t Change, but Are Passed Down to Each Generation

Families have a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that they cherish, keep close to their heart, and pass down to you. In most cases, these remain unchanged and start a chain of events where they continue to get passed down from generation to generation.

How Are Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes Passed Down?
When you’re growing up, your parents frequently convey their values, beliefs, and attitudes to you both consciously and unconsciously. You unknowingly internalized what’s being communicated to you, accepting them blindly and without investigating their validity, usefulness, and truthfulness.

Even though several of these things are passed down to you during the holidays or religious events, you’re also exposed to them all year round. Your parents convey them to you during small family gatherings and through daily interactions. For you, it becomes the norm, and you follow suit when you’ve your own family.

For instance, in your family, children don’t have a say in family matters. When you have a family of your own, you may continue this practice instead of reflecting upon it to determine if it’s right or wrong. You may not allow your children to have an opinion or even speak their mind.

For them, you’re unapproachable. For you, there is nothing wrong with that approach because you’ve grown up in a household with similar rules. Some positive values and beliefs ingrained in you could be about religion, such as always attending church on Sundays, saying a prayer before dinner, praying before sleeping, and many more. You may take these along with you and share them with your child.

What Are Some Things That Aren’t Passed Down to Each Generation?
When it comes down to passing down values, beliefs, and attitudes to your children, you can pick and choose. You and your father might not have a friendly relationship, but this shouldn’t cast a shadow on your relationship with your children. You can break the cycle. You can be the change.

You don’t have to stick with what your parents passed down to you, and the same goes for your children. Each generation will leave and take something with them.

Changing Ingrained Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes Takes Patience
You can’t do it overnight, but take small steps to make the change. You may find yourself at odds with other family members around you, including with your own parents at times, but you need to power through to make a positive change. If you’re making the conscious effort to make the change, you’ll do it. Your partner can help you bring about that change.

When you get frustrated or find yourself doing or saying something you promised you would never do or say, you can pray to God to help guide you into making the change.

Additionally, you can surround yourself with loved ones who support and encourage your growth. Make shifts in your thought process and behavior gradually and thoughtfully. Acknowledge the struggles of your parents, siblings, or any other family members are experiencing due to you making the changes.

Some things will be passed down from generation to generation without reflection, while others may change along the way if one family member chooses to reflect and modify them.

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