Stewardship of My Time – Does It Matter?

Stewardship encompasses a lot of relationships; with God, with our family and friends, and with our planet. It’s not just a position of responsibility, but it’s also a process that requires practice, devotion, awareness, and prayer. Stewardship is taking ownership of what surrounds you and wanting to make it better.

It may seem futile to invest in stewardship today, since there are so many modes of control around us. There are electronic devices to occupy our time, governments to enforce the law, and charities to help the poor. Yet chaos still reigns in a lot of the world. People still sleep unfed, and children still die of disease and war.

God has made every single one of the souls walking on the Earth today. And it is His command that we all live in harmony, and help each other.

Think of it this way, there are people that seek to do harm to those you love. There are those that seek to spread nothing but death and destruction. The only way to stop them is to take ownership. The only way to make this world better is to care. And the only way to become a true steward of your time is to participate, instead of watching from the stands.

So, taking stewardship of your world is more important than ever. Because it is your world, it is your time, and it is your people that are in need.

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