Youth: How Can You Stand Up As Leaders Amid This Global Pandemic?

The generation that’s most affected by the ongoing global pandemic called coronavirus or COVID-19 is our youth. Our youth lead an active lifestyle, going to school, work, and meeting their friends.

Are they having the hardest time home?

Yes, they are.

For them, staying indoors isn’t an easy task. They want to go out and partake in several activities as they used to when this global pandemic hit us.

Knowing this, who do you think should stand up to transform into leaders during this world crisis?

If you said the youth, you’re right.

If you’re a youth, let’s tell you how you can lead the change in your family, friends, and community.

What You Need to Do

Follow these tips to bring a transformational change within you:

1. Stay Informed and Inform Others
The virus brings fears with it. Your community, including your loved ones, is sitting on the edge of their feet, taking the news in of the virus spreading, infecting people, and taking lives. The fear gets to them, but the facts stay in the background. Your task as a leader is to inform yourself and others using informative and accurate sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

2. Take Initiatives to Protect Your Community
Since you’re young and healthy, your immune system is strong. Even if you contract the virus, your body can fight it off with self-isolation, rest, and medication. However, you can’t say the same about the elder folks in your community.

Seniors and anyone with a pre-existing condition, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, lung disease, and diabetes, are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill if they contract it. So, show your support, encourage them to take precautions such as washing their hands and using a hand sanitizer.

Since leaving the house for the elderly can prove to be fatal if they catch the virus, bring groceries to them. Most importantly, practice social distancing and encourage others to do the same.

3. Speak Up to Ensure Workplaces Do the Right Thing
If you work or you know organizations that are open and calling their employees, band together with others to speak up. Suggest working remotely, and if it has never been done before, ask them to test it out. Moreover, promote hand washing, using hand sanitizers, and keeping your work station clean and hygienic.

4. Speak to Your Church
You need to speak to your church and ask them to give a sermon on the global pandemic through streaming video to their congregation. When church practices social distancing, others will as well. Not going to church doesn’t mean your belief in God has wavered because God sees your intentions, which is to save lives by reducing the spread of the virus in your community.

As a member of the youth, it’s up to you to bring the change. If you stand up now to assume a leadership role in your community, others will be close behind, joining with you and helping you promote the importance of social distancing and, most importantly, rejecting the practice of hoarding necessary essentials.

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