Retooling for the Future: Importance of Creative and Global Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Retooling for the future requires creative, global, and strategic thinkers. Leaders that fit this description live among us in our communities. YOU are the leader we seek to make the world a better place, but before you can go global, you need to go local.

Start in your own neighborhood and then branch out slowly. The experience you gain at every level – local, national, and global – will transform you into a sustainable leader.

What is Sustainable Leadership?
Sustainable leadership is when you manage a business or company keeping society, environment, and long-term sustainable practices in mind. Sustainable leaders consider stakeholders – your consumers, employees, and future generations.

You’ll have the learned or innate ability to create a balance between short-term goals and long-term goals. You’ll prioritize what’s important to achieve at the moment and create a new set of ideas, centered on improving environmental and social issues affecting your community, your country, and the world and incorporate them into your practice.

To Be a Sustainable Leader, You Need Courage
  • Do you have the courage to speak to thousands of people, telling them to stay at home during this grave time?
  • Do you have the courage to practice what you preach?
  • Do you have the courage to continue to step into leadership roles even after the global pandemic ends?

Don’t fill in the shoes of anyone, but walk in your shoes, setting an example for other people to speak up and become sustainable leaders in their neighborhood. Taking the first steps towards filling the leadership position takes a lot of courage, which you have, but you just need to realize it.

You can take courage from your loved ones and your faith. Once you know what direction you’re headed in, you’ll walk with your head held up high, and your hand outstretched to give to anyone in need.

You have a higher purpose of serving, whether it’s by spreading the word of God or doing things to please God. You’re the future! You’re next in line to develop creative and practical solutions to the issues we currently face using various mediums to spread the word – the leader is here.

Now More than Ever We Need You to Rise
With this global pandemic taking control of our lives and making things worse instead of better, this is your chance to rise as a strategic leader within your community. Help your community learn about the importance of following hygienic practices and the need to self-isolate from the world.

This will not be the first problem you’ll run into either. When this global epidemic problem ends, each community will need more youth to come and take control and bring improvements with their ideas and show them a direction.

In the coming months and years, more problems will stare you in the face at every level, and you’ll have to decide on how you can contribute it to minimize its impact locally, nationally, and globally.

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