5 Compelling Reasons Students Should Work Part-Time

The number of teens with part-time jobs has declined over the past few years. According to CNBC, during the late 1970s, almost 60% of all teenagers in the United States were employed. Today, only an estimated 35% of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are working part-time.

Part-time employment is an important part of growing up, and teens who work can be double-edged swords. Working while studying in school or even having a summer job can have amazing benefits for teens and teach them valuable skills as well as self-reliance while building their experience.

Here are some of the top benefits of part-time work for teens:

Earn Additional Funds
The most common reason teens want to work part-time is to earn some extra money to buy the things they want that their family can’t afford. The cost of living these days is quite high and encouraging teens to work and contributing to the house is important to instill a sense of responsibility toward their parents and other loved ones.

Learn Money Management
Once you start earning, you automatically become more conscious about how you spend your money. By working hard for money, teens learn better money management as they think twice about spending it on frivolous things and get better at saving for the important stuff such as their college fund.

Get Valuable Work Experience
The job market trends these days favor people with experience over those with education and fancy qualifications. Starting part-time work while still in school or college allows teens and young adults to build valuable work experience that can help in their future careers.

Learn Time Management
Teens already juggle a lot of things every week with their classes, homework assignments, projects, and other extra-curricular activities. However, they can be quite careless about managing these tasks as there is no immediate payout. When working part-time, they get paid on the basis of how many hours they are willing to work. This helps them learn better time management to manage all the other activities as well as their work schedule to earn as much as they can.

Build Valuable Connections
Part-time jobs are a great way to build valuable work connections and develop a network of people. Teens can use these connections as references when they start building their careers or try to get a job in the future. As Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most successful businessmen, once said, “The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.”

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