The Contributions of People of Color in the United States

Look around you; you will see different faces. Listen to the sounds around you, and you hear different languages. Feel your surroundings, and you will feel the warmth of different cultures, which makes our country wonderfully diverse.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the contribution of people of color in making our country what it is today. Let’s see why it is important to acknowledge people of color in today’s world:

  • The demographics of the United States are fast changing. It has changed dramatically over recent years. This diversity in demographic is especially visible in youth.
  • It gives the United States an opportunity to explore more growth. Furthermore, it allows policymakers to bring solid societal change and fill the wealth and racial gaps.
  • It is evident through statistics that people of color will play big roles in making our country stronger in the future.
  • According to the Center for American Progress, a majority of the United States population will be people of color by 2044; this shows us how integral their role will be in our societies and communities.
  • People of color have faced many significant challenges in making a space in this society. Even today, they are often misjudged and face discrimination.
  • Acknowledging the contributions of people of color will help people connect with them and understand their culture.
  • People of color like Oprah Winfrey in entertainment, Kamala Harris in politics, Hassan Minhaj in stand-up comedy, and Brenda Chi in arts are some of the most respectable names in their fields.
  • Economics, politics, tech, and entrepreneurship; everywhere you go, you will see a person of color. The tech industry is also widely dominated by people of color in the U.S.

Recognizing their existence, efforts, and talents will only help the nation become stronger, more tolerant, and united. The youth of color also shows great promise and potential. Investing in them today will ensure that these children become productive adults who will efficiently contribute to every American professional field, helping our country grow and maintain its status as a world leader.

You, too, can play your part in making the future brighter. Join hands with YWAF by donating or volunteering in our programs and help us train and develop future leaders!

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