Taking Inspiration from True Leaders

True leaders are a rarity. The passion and influence they have on the masses are like no other. Their ability to inspire people to work hard and fight for what is right is what makes them rank high and revered throughout generations. And, studying about them and learning about their struggles and achievements can help young and talented people today reach their dreams.

One such leader that has a special place in the list of true leaders is Martin Luther King Jr. His unfettered determination and commitment to fighting for peace and equality played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement. The hardships and struggles that came his way only sought to make him stand stronger in the face of injustice and fight back.

Here are some qualities that true leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. were known to have. These are what young leaders can adopt to follow in the footsteps laid by those that came before:
  • Integrity – without this quality, a true leader cannot make their mark. This is the driving force that helps an inspirational individual become a trusted leader. And as this happens, social change becomes inevitable.
  • Resilience – a true leader is not immune to hardships. What they do have a talent for is the ability to learn from their hardships and stay resilient. This makes it possible to stand tall in the face of any adversity.
  • Inclusive and Accepting – an inclusive leader does not just accept people of all races, ethnicities, ages, and genders, but also creates opportunities for them to excel. This is what makes society progressive and successful
  • Driven by Values – true leaders do not succumb to any sort of pressure. They can sail through the storm but uphold their values and keep their eye on the goal. This requires a lot of patience and hard work, but with time it becomes a success.
  • Self-Awareness – without this on the list, a true leader can never be inspirational. By being aware of their strengths and flaws and finding ways to improve themselves, true leaders pave the path for others to seek the truth inside themselves.  

If you found this article to be inspiring and helpful in giving you the boost you needed to stay on track to reaching your dreams and ambitions, then do share it forwards. You can even become a part of the YWAF initiatives aimed at equipping the youth with the tools needed to become inspirational and true leaders of the future.

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