What is Visionary Leadership?

Who do you think of when you hear the words “visionary leadership”? We’ve had countless examples of visionary leaders in US history, from political figures such as George Washington, who envisioned a new nation, to tech geniuses like Steve Jobs, who transformed digital communication.

What Is Visionary Leadership?
Visionary leadership refers to a leadership style in which an individual identifies the potential for transformational change and takes the steps needed to bring about that change. Here’s where things get interesting: you don’t necessarily have to be in a leadership role to be considered a visionary.

For instance, you can emulate visionary leadership by being the person who has an out-of-the-box approach and is always full of ideas. The goal of visionary leadership is to inspire others and achieve targeted goals, and it could apply to any level of management or collaborative work.

Traits of a Visionary Leader
While anyone could be a visionary, there are a few traits visionary leaders have in common:

Visionary leaders aren’t afraid to broaden their horizons and navigate new ideas territories. On the contrary, they welcome innovative approaches and ideas. They’re open-minded and willing to think beyond the conventional approaches. This allows them to fixate on the big picture and figure out efficient ways of achieving their goals.

Effective Communication
Visionary leaders don’t just dream big; they also motivate their teams to do the same. They possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, which helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Visionary leaders are risk-takers. They aren’t ones to play it safe. Instead, they dare to be different and take risks. This isn’t to say that they’re impulsive. Visionary leaders are heavily goal-oriented, and the risks they take are calculated and usually pay off.

How Can You Gain Visionary Leadership Skills?
So, how can you become a visionary leader? There are plenty of ways to go about this. From attending workshops and taking courses to volunteering at events and actively practicing assertiveness, public speaking, and empathy, you’ll find various ways to enhance your skills. You can also join a mentorship program or learn more about the leadership styles of your favorite visionary leaders.

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