10 Effective Leadership Skills for Workplace Success

Building leadership skills requires taking the initiative beyond what has been mentioned under your job description. Request more responsibilities from your seniors to show your eagerness to grow in the field and target specific skills that require more work.

Here are 10 skills to further enhance in order to attain success as a leader:

1. Communication
Communication techniques are vital to adequately communicate your idea to your employees; this can take the form of one-on-one meetings, departmental or full-staff sessions, or communicating over the phone, social media, or email. But before you speak, listen. Keep an open-door policy where the employees are encouraged to express themselves and their issues and concerns.

2. Motivation
Although it’s crucial, motivation does not come solely from a handsome salary. As a leader, you must aim to motivate your workers by building their self-esteem by rewarding and recognizing their efforts, and assigning newer responsibilities to increase their investment in the company.

3. Delegation
Of course, you are the leader, but that does not mean you must struggle to get all the work done yourself. Being able to delegate tasks is a strong characteristic of a leader. Recognize the skill set of each of your employees and assign duties accordingly for a fruitful result.

4. Positivity
A little positivity goes a long way, even in the workplace. Aim for a happy, healthy work environment rather than a stressful one. In that case, even the employees will be more than willing to put in extra hours when needed.

5. Trustworthy
A leader must be open and honest. Employers tend to trust leaders they respect and feel more comfortable approaching them with questions and concerns; thus, it is your job to demonstrate integrity.

6. Creativity
Google won’t always have the right answer! You must practice nontraditional solutions and approach the problem in nontraditional ways to inspire your staff to think outside the box. You’ll limit your potential significantly if you stick to one conventional and safe path.

7. Feedback
A good leader must always seek opportunities to deliver information to team members regarding their performance. But be sure to do so in an empathetic tone and also be vigilant about your expectations.

8. Responsibility
A leader must own up to the success and the failure of the team. When employees see the leader pointing fingers, the chances are that you lose respect in their sight. So, accept the blame and then evaluate the best solution for improvement.

9. Commitment
A leader must stick by their word regardless of the time and effort it may require to execute the plan. When a leader can deliver their promises, the staff also replicates the action as an act of professionalism.

10. Flexibility
Leaders must always be ready and accepting of the last-minute changes that occur at work. As a leader, you must welcome any suggestions or feedback coming in from your team and look for creative problem-solving methods collectively.

Youth With A Future is a non-profitable organization working to facilitate the urban youth to achieve their leadership success potential.  Additionally, we help empower the youth through technical skills. We promote the development of young people of all backgrounds through hosting conferences, workshops, classes, mentoring, speakers, networking, and group forums.

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