Can a Movie Teach Us to Be Better Mentors to Our Mentees?

Coach Carter is an excellent example of a good mentor. His decisions were in his mentee’s favor, even if they didn’t see that. Here are some ways how Coach Carter teaches us how to be a good mentor to young people.

A Short Synopsis of the Film
Before we discuss how the film “Coach Carter” helps us be better mentors, here is a short synopsis of the story. The film is about a coach who cares about his students’ lives. His goal is not to make a name for himself by getting his team to win a championship. Instead, he wants his students to prioritize both their education and their commitment to the team.

When he learns that his students have been skipping class to make more time for practice on the basketball court, he calls for a lockout of the gym. He does this so that his students give equal attention to their education. He stands by his decision even when he was criticized by different people. This shows that his goal was for his students to get the best out of their lives. Here’s a trailer for the film.

Mentors Must Put Their Mentees before Themselves
This story is an excellent example of what a mentor should be like. Being a mentor is a big responsibility – you help one or more persons achieve their goals. In that process, it is important to constantly remind ourselves that being a mentor is about the mentees’ gain. This should never be done for selfish reasons. Prioritizing yourself when you’re a mentor will focus your attention on doing things that will benefit you and not your mentee.

The mentee’s goals and life should always be put before your own when you’re mentoring someone. If you fail to do that, you may risk ruining the lives of your mentees. Think about Coach Carter’s example – if he focused on becoming a victorious coach and allowed his students to neglect their education in the process, many of them wouldn’t be able to get admission into college programs. He prioritized their lives and realized that it would help them in the long run if he forced them to take their education seriously.

Mentors Must Help Their Mentees with Difficult Decisions
Sometimes, it is difficult for young mentees to understand how certain sacrifices can hurt them in the long run. In such situations, it is the mentor’s responsibility to advise (not force) their mentees on a better course of action. This is usually where you can use your experiences for a better understanding of which things are important in life.

Mentors Must Prioritize Their Mentees’ Goals 24/7
A mentor’s job is 24/7. Yes, a mentor helps a mentee during specific hours of the day, but they have to be supportive of their mentees at all times. They have to prioritize their mentees’ goals even when they’re off the clock – that means they cannot do actions that may jeopardize their mentees to achieve their goals.

Mentorship is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Other people depend on you, and you should always do what is in their best interest.

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