Integrity Counts No Matter the Situation (1 Samuel 12:14)

Truthfulness and integrity play an important role in how we as humans build and sustain relationships. It is the building block for achieving not just personal growth, but helping others grow as well. Having a character trait such as this goes a long way. It reflects on the values, principles, and consistency in one’s character. Thus, helping transform yourself for the better.

With time, successes in the academic or professional sphere are short lived. People do not remember you by what you did or did not do. Rather they remember you for how you treated them and made them feel during times of need. And here integrity plays an important role.

Drawing on from the biblical text of 1 Samuel 12:14, a number of lessons can be learned. For one, all worship and acts of devotion to God should emerge from fear and reverence of him. The breaking of the covenant and commandment of God can result in his wrath. Thus, being obedient to the Lord with integrity is vital.

In addition, we can even take wisdom from Samuels leadership and his emphasis on integrity as well. The purpose of which was to speak the truth and disseminate the word of God in its truest form. His integrity and truthfulness are what led the people of Israel to accept him as their leader. When Samuel asked them if he had wronged them in any way, they replied he had neither cheated them, oppressed them, nor accepted anything from anyone in bribe. This is the character trait that helped develop the relationship of trust and integration.

It is important to note that integrity is to be a defining feature in not just one academic or professional sphere, but personal life as well. For instance, if someone claims to holds integrity in high regard, then the application of this value ought to be seen in their dealings with everyone. If they seek to undermine their peers, communicate in an aggressive manner, or refuse to consider the perspective of others, then it is apparent they have fallen out of integrity. There is a lack of authenticity, honesty, and righteousness in their life.

Thus, it is important to make integrity an important value to internalize and express in all situations. It counts and reaps great reward. Living with this principle does not only improve the ability to live life to the fullest but also helps influence the people around you for the better. It reflects well on your intentions and objectives as well.

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