Understanding ‘Urban Youth’ and Their Challenges during the Pandemic

The urban youth can transform the lives of young adults, peers, adults, and elders living with them. In an ideal situation, children in rural areas and inner cities would receive the same quality education and growth opportunities as those living in suburbs and wealthy neighborhoods.

However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the urban youth in America faces an economic and social crisis fueled by institutional racism and historical deprivation of rights and privileges.Food insecurity, unemployment, and violence are among the young people’s prevailing challenges in the 21st century as their numbers continue to increase in more countries.

What they need is an initiative that could end the ongoing crisis is youth employment. A strong public infrastructure could offer a job to 5.7 million individuals between the ages of 16 to 24 seeking work.  Additionally, this could modernize the economy and put an end to disparities in society. The investment is addressing the fundamental issues of equity and opportunities in the neglected urban and rural areas.

3 things urban youth need to change the world
1. Education
Children in cities should be educated regarding urban transformation, cultural enrichment, economic development, youth-led activism, and community building. A strong commitment should be seeded in the hopes of transforming urban communities.

2. Funding
The urban youth is deserving of the opportunity to progress in their lives. For this reason, government agencies, foundations, and other private organizations or funders must provide sustained, substantial, and specific funding opportunities to the urban youth.

3. Inspiration
Poverty ganged up with violence and discrimination has dramatically challenged the urban youth in comparison to adults. Even verbal motivation and inspiration can go a long way for them, positively affecting their communities.

3 ways urban youth can change the world
1. Youth leadership
Skill sets such as problem-solving, communication, change management, and peaceful negotiations, urban youth leadership organizations conducting programs and activities are needed to recognize the youth’s power.

2. Youth media makers
Media makers are our future. The way media reflects the community’s reality without manipulating the circumstances or sensationalizing and glorifying them can significantly change the world. The idea is to reach out to the greater community through mediums such as the Internet.

3. Youth as mentors
Role models play an essential role in pushing urban youth to excel. Mentoring isn’t only limited to the children but also the adults. It’s vital to build trust, invest mutually and encourage meaningful interactions into the mentees’ lives.

Youth With A Future is a non-profitable organization that facilitates the urban youth to discover their full leadership potential. Our personality and professional development programs seek to empower the youth of tomorrow, regardless of their background. Additionally, we offer workshops to teach technical skills to young candidates.

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