Who Are Those Who Have Made a Difference and How?

Think back to every great person that you’ve ever read about. It could be a politician, or a nurse, or a Christian missionary. You’d probably find that they were all fearless and selfless.

Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, and Mother Teresa; all of them were fearless. Lincoln freed the slaves, Florence Nightingale saved countless lives, and Mother Teresa preached love and tolerance. Their methods may have been very different, but they all made a difference.

And it was through conviction, determination, and selflessness that they managed to do it. Their confidence and faith may have wavered or been shaken at times, but they remained true to their mission. Lincoln faced great opposition during his struggle to free the slaves, but came out as the greatest US President in history. He became a symbol of what it means to be free, and to be truly without fear.

Florence Nightingale braved the tragedy of war and the incredible fear of guns, and founded modern nursing and car. She became a symbol, not only of courage, but of gentleness and love.

And Mother Teresa showed compassion untold to the wounded and the diseased. And she became a symbol of love and compassion to the whole world.

Those that make a difference in this world not only do so through their convictions, but through selflessness and love.

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