About the studio

Besides being an incredible learning opportunity, our leadership development workshops cater to young people of all backgrounds, giving them a chance to think outside the box and gain invaluable real-world experience.

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Encourage Them

Our on-site activities encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and indulge in new, innovative ways to communicate.

Through various team-building experiences, they are equipped with the necessary tools to lead creative and professional projects, realizing their true potential by simply believing in themselves and taking that first step.

We are a full-service digital company

Our Workshops

Our workshops are fun, challenging, and designed to help our students develop leadership and technical skills that enable them to compete in an increasingly technological environment. Each of our classroom modules has specific items for discussion including Visionary Leadership, The Power of Vision, Types of Leadership, Team Building, and Goal Setting. Each student receives an iBook curriculum, iPad, and training that can be used to research, write, and pursue educational and career goals. Upon successful completion of the workshop program, students may be able to keep their iPad to reinforce the concepts that they learned during the program and support their goals.

During workshop sessions, students participate in activities and dialog with facilitators (see the Leadership Team) and other students. They also collaborate in small groups to develop and cultivate leadership practices, leading to the creation and completion of a technology based project. The end result of the project reflects their teamwork and critical thinking abilities. All students participate in an Apple Store learning experience!

We are a full-service digital company

Workshop Program

Workshop Program: The program is designed to help youth develop 8 core values of leadership. Program Assistants and former Program Students provide the training.

The Curriculum The Curriculum consists of the documented study of these eight core values through lectures, video/movies, roll play and current events. The objective is to not only inspire leadership that will transform the thinking and behavior but also to engage in developing new mentoring relationships.

We are a full-service digital company

Week One

Week One: Students will attend workshop with Apple consultants learning functionality of the iPad, learning to code, and development of a comic info graphic design to inform their peers of the danger of drugs. Students will be introduced to VISONEERING and mapping a plan for their future.

Week Two thru Week Five June (July 3rd thru July 28th) Students se-lect to be a part of the internship program will receive $100 a week for 5 weeks based on work performance and task accomplish. Tasks will include: participating in the developing of newsletters, a magazine, arti-cles, video presentations, mobile app design, talk radio, and Internet marketing.

We are a full-service digital company

Part-time job opportunity

Part-time job opportunity: Students who are 16 years and older will be given an opportunity to interview with Starbucks for training and part-time job opportunities. Students who are not 16 can be placed on a future waiting list by YWAF based on program completion and perfor-mance.

New African American Museum Based on 2017 funding, a select number of students will have the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. for three – four days, all expenses paid. The objective of our visit will be to learn about past leaders and write about how they have challenged them. Students will also have the opportunity also to visit Howard Uni-versity and Georgetown University.
I encourage you to be one of the first to register. Parental approval must be obtained to participate in the program.
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