What Causes the Youth to Commit Suicide?

Suicide is a touchy subject in most societies. However, it needs to be talked about more than ever. Suicide rates are up by 33% in the United States since 1999. This is the highest level since World War II. While the world is a scary place, times are clearly much better than they were during World War II.

Youth suicide rate is rising significantly, and those within the age bracket of 15-24 are the most vulnerable. The reasons have been described as increased anxiety and depression. However, the reason why young adults are more susceptible to mental issues than their senior counterparts is a debatable topic.

One possible reason could be the straining of relations between the family units. People are less connected today with their families than they’ve ever been. More and more young adults are feeling increasingly lonely nowadays. Because of social media and increasing time being spent on your phone, there is less of a chance for you to have meaningful conversations with people.

Hence, it’s much harder for people to genuinely connect with others and develop a support system that can help them. This lack of a support system makes people feel lonely and depressed.

Things like church groups, congregations, youth groups, family gatherings, and friendship groups can all help. It’s not just connection, but reliance that helps us keep moving ahead in life.

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