What Benefits Youth Engagement Has to Offer

Google ‘leadership’ and you get millions of search results on what being a leader means; what attributes a successful leader has; and of course, quotes from famous leaders throughout time.

But there is very little to explain leadership to young people or more precisely, leaders of tomorrow.

This doesn’t just highlight our lack of focus on training the young amongst us to lead from the beginning, but also the fact that many still believe than young people are limited to being passive recipients of external influences.

Fortunately, that is changing. Majority of schools and organizations are beginning to realize that there’s more to developing youth than just imparting positive influences upon them—youth are masters of their own development, which they do by interacting with opportunities and people available within their environments.

Organizations like Youth with A Future are actively engaged in creative workshops, mentoring sessions and social events that facilitate youth development, transforming them into leaders.

What Makes Youth Engagement Beneficial?

  • Identity Development And Personal Growth—From helping youth realize and tackling the challenges of adolescence and adulthood to developing cognitive competencies, youth engagement helps at every step of the process. At the same time, it also promotes a stable sense of self—something pivotal to reinforcing positive psychological growth (Steinberg, L. (2008). Adolescence. New York: McGraw-Hill.).
  • Promotes Critical Thinking—Youth engagement also plays a key role in helping young individuals develop the ability to analyse information and create solutions. It enables them to think outside the box, thereby allowing them to come up with creative solutions to real life problems as leaders in the future.
  • Reduces Dropout Rates—One of the most important reasons behind the recent integration of youth engagement programs in schools and educational institutions is its ability to dramatically reduce dropout rates and visibly enhance academic performance. According to experts, this is backed by the activity’s ability to promote a career oriented mindset.

There’s a lot more. Youth engagement also plays a key role in helping young individuals develop better social circles, boost sense of well-being and take ownership of their own care and development.

What makes youth engagement truly important for the world is how every benefit it offers eventually develops better leaders for tomorrow—leaders who are more aware of their responsibilities to give back to their communities.

Wondering how you can teach leadership skills to youth? Youth With A Future makes it easy with leadership development workshops and seminars. The institute is focused on producing transformational leaders who truly understand technological advancements, economic issues and their impact on the present and future. Apart from developing programs that instil leadership values in youth, the programs also creates awareness on moral and spiritual grounds.

Get in touch with Youth With A Future and experience 360-degree youth engagement programs unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before!

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