Understanding the Challenges Urban Youth Face

We teach our youth to stay true to themselves and work hard to achieve their dreams. Yet, with every passing year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for our children – in particular the urban youth – to stay on the path that may lead them to success.

Our younger generation is becoming disconnected with the world and with the best ways to recognize their true potential. Societal and peer pressure is forcing them to conform to this idea that they must limit their dreams. And that’s just a snippet of the challenges our urban youth is facing.

The Perils of a Disconnected Youth

Our younger generation is cut off from resources and institutions they have every right to. A good education, possibilities for higher learning, job opportunities, a better social standing – they’re being pushed away from their dreams and their potential.  Many argue that perhaps it’s because of our social sector, how people pressure the urban youth to conform to a certain model of living. Some blame the political landscape and prejudice.

But observing the situation overall, it’s clear that there isn’t just one cause to blame for all this.

The urban youth is unfairly targeted by others for their social status, their race and skin color, their belief system, their sexuality among others, and that is causing an alarming situation to develop. Because our vulnerable urban youth isn’t being allowed to reach their full potential and be themselves; they’re unable to develop their maturity, their sense of purpose, skills or level of knowledge.

They’re not able to live a rewarding, productive life. We must understand that this is the next generation of businesspeople, philanthropists, inventors, community patrons and leaders. We must do all we can to develop our urban youth leadership so they can help make our country better.

Working to Give Our Youth a Future

Non-profit organizations such as Youth with a Future target the urban youth in particular and present them with leadership development workshops, seminars and scholarships to help them develop leadership skills.

Such organizations work for a single goal, which is to nurture and nourish the growth of our younger generation and mentor them so they can strengthen their moral and spiritual foundation and recognize their true potential.


A substantial part of America’s urban youth is educationally and economically limited, even though the government is doing all it can to help them. By doing our part in creating a better life for them, we can help these young people build their lives and their confidence so they can forge their own way ahead to success.

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