The Needs and Necessity of Having a Mentor

As a student, you may feel that finding a mentor may be an unnecessary task.

You already have a role model in sight, your favorite authors and actors etc, or your parents. And you’re young! You don’t need someone to connect with and emulate when you already have so many people influencing your actions and personality.

However, this is exactly why now might be the right time to find a mentor. So you can go down the right path, instead of the most popular one.

A Caveat for Readers

Just to be clear; this isn’t to say that you aren’t smart or don’t know how to make the right decisions. You’re a grown person and you’re intelligent enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

Yet, you cannot deny that there’s still so much information that you haven’t learned yet. And that can cause some friction.

Let’s say you have the opportunity to go for a semester abroad, when you’re studying in college. Most likely, you’ll be excited at the chance. However, before saying yes, you’ll need to know whether the prospect is even beneficial for you. Do you know the language? Is the travel worth it? What will you actually gain from it all? Where will you live and with whom?

There are so many details that you won’t even think about. But with a mentor by your side, you’ll have someone with the insight who has already experienced it all. They’ll guide you on the right track.

Benefits of Mentoring for Students

Let’s look at this from a practical point-of-view.

As a student, your basic plan should be to go to a good college and gain a better education, so you can have a good chance of being a successful adult. But for that, you need to gain information and knowledge apart from your school education.

How to handle your budget, find your passions, overcome your weaknesses, accept those which you can’t improve – these are all the things a mentor can help you with. You want someone who can stimulate personal as well as professional growth, someone who will set limits for you so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Furthermore, they’ll train you to avoid the mistakes they made, so you’ll learn what not to do, except without wasting your time on correcting yourself.

From a psychological standpoint, having a mentor will allow you to become more open about your passions and choices. You’ll have someone who will guide you and believe in you, someone that’ll encourage your creativity and strength, and that’ll foster your self-awareness and make you more confident in your own choices.

The duty of a mentor is to provide you with a safe space, where you can grow as an individual with positive thoughts and ideas. And in a world where students are even more stressed and unsure about their choices, having someone who can guide them on the right path may be regarded as God-sent.

Finding a Mentor

The best way to find a mentor is to search for an organization that actively works to empower the youth.

Youth with a Future works with numerous other communities and individuals to provide students with mentors who can help them recognize their true potential.

So start on your own path. Join one of their urban youth development programs. Find a mentor who will be able to help you develop your skills!


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