How Spiritual Mentoring Can Change Lives

As a child, life seems to be all about getting to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We don’t even realize how important the journey to that pot of gold is, or what adventures we can have along the way.

As you get older though, life slows down and you realize that there’s more to it than just finding that pot of gold or the X on the treasure map. It’s about understanding the significance of the path, the need to follow it and the people who are alongside you to support that journey.

That journey requires a mentor. But we’re not just talking about any person who can point you in the right direction and lend their symbolic support. We speak of mentoring on a much deeper level, a spiritual level.

Investing in Your Life and Finding the Way

A spiritual mentor is wise but their wisdom is not just limited to offering you guidance on one certain subject, in one field.

They try their hardest to provide you with answers, and if not answers then love and support. They connect with you on a higher level and encourage you to find your hidden potential while teaching you that the life we lead, the things we give priority to, might not be so beneficial in the long run. Instead, they sift away through the rubbish we’ve clogged our days with, our minds with. And use their own knowledge of life to help us live our lives and our dreams productively.

What separates them from every other person out there is that their spiritual learning takes their mental capacity to a higher state than us. And there’s nothing mystical about it.

A person with a higher sense of spiritual integrity will know what they should give importance to in their life. For example, if they are dealing with a bully, they’ll know not to fight fire with fire.

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They’ll know that they can’t confront the bully with violence, but they can do their part in helping that person recognize their actions. And if that bully cannot or does not want to be helped, we still know that it’s not our fault and that human isn’t inherently evil. That is what being spiritual teaches us. It encourages us to see all sides of a story, of a person and not generalize what we see.

And that is perhaps one of the most practical ways to approach a situation.

Finding the Right Path

In this day and age, it’s important to have someone to guide you.

We already live with such stress, it makes us feel trapped when we’re not able to handle things effectively. But with a mentor by your side, you can use their help and live your life with fewer burdens.

Youth with a Future, a non-profit organization offers spiritual mentoring to the future of America. Their urban youth empowerment program is aimed at helping the younger generation follow the right path so they can develop their skills and understand the importance of leadership.

Their youth personality development programs aim to nurture the growth of the younger people so they can recognize their passion and by that, their true purpose in life.

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