DR. Robert Fomer founded Transformational Leadership Forum (TLF) in May 2011, with the purpose of providing leadership training and development to those who desired to work, or were already working in schools, churches, and community organizations in low income urban areas. This was in part advocated and supported by leaders in the community who were concerned that character-based leadership was waning because of the failure of some of these leaders and others in position of authority in government, business and even among clergy.

While working in these urban communities TF saw an opportunity to begin this leadership training at an earlier age. Youth With a Future (YWAF), our youth program, was started spring of 2013. Its focus was and remains to increase the capacity for leadership among at risk young people based on eight core values. Because of the undermining of social ethics in society that leads to school dropout, substance, teen pregnancy, the school to prison pipeline and other social ills it was determined to help youth see their leadership potential, providing them the resilience to deal with these issues and to strive for a ore positive future that contributes to their community and society at large.

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