Learning the Eight Core Values of Leadership Development

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”
-Read by Malvolio, Twelfth Night Act II, Scene V

Shakespeare might be on to something here!

We all have great skills and talents hidden away. Yet, some learn to emulate those talents, while others are taken by surprise when they have to exercise their skills. However, when we consider the case of leadership development as a skill, we think it’s best if we’re taught rather than pushed into a situation that may call for us to lead.

Leadership isn’t something one can exercise at a moment’s glance. Leaders have to be trained, and in the right order, otherwise their attempts at leadership can deteriorate into dictatorship or in simpler words, bossiness.

So how can one develop those skills? Here are the eight core values that should be prioritized, as taught by the urban youth development organization, Youth with a Future!

⦁ Choice of a Mentor

You must have a reliable mentor to emulate, one that will inspire you and teach you how to take realistic steps to achieving your goals. By having a better mentor or a role model, you’ll be more likely to take smarter steps towards realistic dreams.

⦁ Passion for Purpose and People

As a leader, you should be passionate for your motives, and should be willing to move on, despite failures and setbacks. However, in order to have that passion, your motive should be something that is geared in your love for it, rather than duty. In addition, you should have the passion to assist those around you who need help with their passion and search for purpose.

⦁ Visionary Leadership

As a leader, you should direct your passion and emotions toward improving your chances of achieving your goals. This way, others would be able to look up to you if they’re ever in any trouble.

⦁ Culturally Relevant Communication

You must understand why cultural diversity matters and what makes it important. We live in a diverse environment, full of vibrant thoughts and ideas. If we want to sustain mutual respect and peace, we should be willing to learn more about other cultures.

⦁ Multiplication of Leaders

To create a more positive environment and to be an effective leader, we should be willing to encourage and work with other intellectuals and leaders to increase our probability of achieving our goals. A visionary leader should not just create followers; their guidance should allow others to become leaders as well.

⦁ Family as a Priority

Leaders should know that aside from everything, their family and the people they love is their first priority. They should themselves follow and encourage others to follow the same rule; not to deprive their loved ones of their rights for love, duties and time.

⦁ Good Stewardship

A good leader should be aware of their responsibilities, not only to those around them but to God as well. They should learn the significance of human responsibility, divine ownership and should know that they will be held accountable for all their actions, and should therefore be good.

⦁ Integrity

Their moral compass should compel them to do what is right, even when they’re alone. They should be aware that because they lead by example as an effective leader, they should be positive and honest with whatever they do.

Developing Your Leadership Skills

Implementing these eight core values through your actions is difficult but not impossible. You simply need the right guidance to recognize your potential of being a good leader.

Sign up for workshops hosted by Youth with a Future to learn how to develop your leadership skills and discover how good leadership skills can open doors for a brighter future!

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