• Dr. Robert Fomer
    Dr. Robert Fomer Executive Director & Founder-Transformational Leadership Forum

    With a Doctorate Degree in Global Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University, Dr. Fomer has provided vision, strategic planning, and leadership supporting missions and goals in government, educational, college, seminary, and church organizations for over 25 years.

  • Mrs.Flor Estela Rodriguez
    Mrs.Flor Estela Rodriguez Program Workshop Facilitator

    Flor brings a background in business and education to the leadership team. Teaching for over fifteen years, Flor worked as a bilingual teacher in the Denver Public Schools District for eight years and the Cherry Creek School District for seven years along with continuing to work closely with inner-city students. Flor holds a M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado in Boulder and is currently an EdD candidate through the doctoral studies program at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

  • Mrs. Brianna Borunda
    Mrs. Brianna Borunda Program Workshop Facilitator

    Brianna has worked with youth in the classroom and in personal development programs for over ten years and continues to pursue her shared passion in helping youth recognize their potential to be leaders in their homes, schools, and communities. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Social Sciences and Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University. She is currently working as a program specialist for Denver Public Schools wherein she manages teams who run quality before-and-after school program for ECE-8th grade students.

  • Mr. Larry E. Floyd
    Mr. Larry E. Floyd

    With 25-plus years of experience working as a freelance photographer and owning his own business, Larry has photographed world leaders, presidents, mayors, corporate executives, business managers, weddings, families, and high school seniors. He served as the Official Photographer for events including The Summit of the Eight World Leaders, Pope John Paul III’s visit to The World Youth Conference in Denver, United States Presidential visits to Colorado, and United States Presidential campaigns. Most if not all of the photographs on our website are Larry’s personal contribution to the Youth With A Future Program. Larry’s current professional services can be seen on his website, www.photosonlocation.zenfolio.com.

  • Mrs. TeAnna Brown
    Mrs. TeAnna Brown Program Workshop Facilitator

    TeAnna is a professional counselor originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She has a Masters of Arts in Counseling and specializes in Family and Marriage, as well as Art therapy. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and has served in various areas of business. She is fluent in Spanish and thrives in multicultural communities. She enjoys caring for people through counseling and through ministry with her husband, Pastor Evan. She also delights in being a mother of six children and enjoys Zumba, cooking, family time and gardening.

  • Mr. Cameron Thompson
    Mr. Cameron Thompson Program Workshop Facilitator

    Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from Metro State University Denver, Cameron currently works for the Issachar Center for Urban Leadership as an apprentice and associate, selected to be a part of a four-year cohort for emerging community leaders. His experience in public speaking includes lectures, numerous presentations, and roundtable discussions at the Denver Faith & Justice Conference. Working at Colorado Uplift Denver, Cameron co-hosted a fundraising event at the Marriott hotel downtown, guiding a 700-member audience through the evening’s agenda. He designed and implemented several character-focused lesson plans and activities, mentored groups of inner-city middle school children, and helped students compile their thoughts and views into compelling, written stories.

  • Mr. Allen Russell
    Mr. Allen Russell

    Now in his first year as a volunteer driver and assistant with YWAF, Allan retired from Aurora Public Schools where he drove school buses and worked as a bus assistant. He also worked for eight years as a bus driver for the Headstart Program and assisted teachers in the classroom.

  • Mrs. Rafelita Russell
    Mrs. Rafelita Russell

    Rafelita’s background includes eight years with RTD, nineteen years as a daycare provider, and thirteen years as a representative for Colorado State University providing educational nutrition training to inner city areas. She also worked eight years for PARA, providing assistance to cerebral palsy patients. She now literally brings her skills to the table working as a volunteer to prepare and serve meals for numerous YWAF projects and workshops.


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