How to Excel in Your Workplace as a Youth

You’ve got the business acumen, the drive and the energy to be a first-class employee. But, since you’re a bit younger, you lack the experience necessary to excel in the workplace.

A setback this may be, but it’s not something you can’t overcome.

Here are some practices you can follow when working as a youth!

⦁ Be Keen to Learn

There’s so much you don’t know about the business world and you’re not going to learn all about it in one day or even a month. Keep in mind that even those more experienced than you will tell you that you get to learn something new every day. So take every opportunity to gain knowledge. Research extensively, attend seminars and workshops and ask your mentor what they can tell you about the field.

⦁ Commit

Don’t take your job lightly. If you want to show your boss you’re dedicated then take every chance to give your all to your work. Focus on the job at hand and complete it within the given time. If you’re having trouble, ask a co-worker for help.

⦁ Don’t Settle for Second Best

I could have done this a lot better… Oh well!
Keep this attitude up and you won’t get promoted any time soon. If you know you can do better, do it. Don’t settle for less when you know you’re not doing the task justice.

⦁ Be Positive

In such cases, think long-term. Will you really be happy, knowing that you spent all that time of your life, stewing and thinking negatively? Pessimism can have a great impact on your energy levels, not to mention your mental health. Do not give in to your bad thoughts. If you feel them overwhelming you, talk to a loved one or a mental health professional.

⦁ Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Every path to success is littered with little moments of failure. If you come across a roadblock or a challenge you can’t seem to overcome, don’t lose heart. You’re learning from the process. Don’t give up. Instead, use this opportunity to focus on why you failed so you don’t make that mistake again.

⦁ Have a Vision of Your Future

Make a vision board if that helps! But have a clear idea of what you want from this path; otherwise you’ll be headed on the road to nowhere. And don’t make the mistake of working a job just because it pays. You’re a youth; you don’t have the responsibilities adults have. Now is the time to experiment.

⦁ Develop Your Skills

Build your leadership skills. Attend youth leadership development programs hosted by organizations such as YWAF, or Youth with a Future. Attend their workshops and implement what you learn from their help guides and books. Targeted towards the urban youth, these workshops and programs are just the thing you need to get ahead.


Be open to improvement. And always take criticism in stride. It will be some time before you achieve work success. Use the time you have to become the leader the business world needs!

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