Features of a Great Leader: The Top 5 Attributes

There are good leaders and then there are great leaders. Those who take on the responsibilities of their position with a firm hand, and use their abilities to guide those around them through the worst of time. A great leader is revered and respected, and is looked up to for the decisions they make, and the values they strive for.

But every leader is different. Some lead with an emphatic stance while others maintain a sense of community and oneness. Yet, five attributes are present in every great leader:

¬ Decisiveness

A leader has to think ahead of every step they take. They predict all types of scenarios that their actions might bring and plan accordingly. Once they do so, they don’t hesitate to commit a hundred percent of their efforts to making the right things happen. A great leader makes sure that any step they take benefits them and those around them in the long run, even if it may not seem so at the time. This brings us to our next characteristic…

¬ Communication

A great leader will always make sure that their people are on the same page as them. They are great speakers and deliver what they preach. Such leaders also have great interpersonal skills. They don’t just make sure that their message is clearly being delivered across. They try their best to understand the opinions of those around them, and use this ability to better define and improve their own goals.

¬ Courage

A leader is one who people look up to, not just because of their intellect, but also because these leaders take steps that others wouldn’t. These leaders have the courage and tenacity to stand against a formidable foe and win. This is a basic but crucial attribute. For a great leader though, being courageous involves more than taking bigger decisions. It also involves allowing those around them to speak up and voice their opinion on and against something. They allow debate and conversation.

¬ Humility

A great leader is loved and respected, not feared. These leaders don’t think themselves to be better than the rest. Neither do they feel insecure about their position or power when faced with a talented individual. Instead, they stay honest and fair. These leaders value their own integrity and look for others to do the same.

¬ Passionate

A great leader encourages passion and energy and exudes a sense of happiness and eagerness for whatever it is they’re leading. They don’t shy away from expressing their excitement and passion for something. Instead, they allow other people to show their own energy. By doing so, they make those round them feel comfortable since they know they won’t be judged for their passion for something unique.

Teaching Leadership Skills to the Youth

A great leader is made, not born.

By helping the youth in developing their own leadership values, we can make the next generation stronger and our future brighter.

Youth with a Future works with different organizations to present leadership development workshops for the youth. By doing so, they nurture the younger generation and allow them to recognize their own potential.

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