Coronavirus Pandemic: What Have We Learned So Far?

The coronavirus has hit all of us hard, but do you know the one generation hit the hardest by this is Generation Z. This demographic is made up of a group of children, teens, and adults between the ages of 7and 22 – they are all out of school and sitting at home.

Every generation has its challenges, and this is theirs. But the question is, “Will they rise to the challenge?” Reports coming on this generation taking the COVID-19 have been mixed.

Generation Z and the Start of COVID-19

The start of COVID-19 saw Gen Z, including the Millennials, partying it up. Both didn’t take it seriously, and, when called out, they put the blame on each other. With the situation going from bad to worse in a maSer of weeks, we witnessed a shiT in mindset.

These two groups started keeping track of the growing coronavirus pandemic. The concern grew and slowly led to Generation Z coming out of the woodwork, joining the Millennials in spreading the awareness of COVID-19 as well as the importance of social distancing and staying self-isolated.

Both generations are actively trying to rise to the occasion to tell others to stop taking public transportation, wash their hands regularly, and use hand sanitizers whenever they have no access to water.

Generation Z Statistics

The following statistics are proof that for Generation Z, things are starting to become serious:

  • 81% of Gen Z has started to wash their hands more
  • 42% of Gen Z are avoiding taking public transportation
  • 74% of Gen Z are practicing social distancing

Generation Z was the untouched generation. Unlike the other generations before them, they have never been through a war or a national crisis, but now, they’re facing a turning point. Even though they’re finally taking action and an initiative to take precautionary measures and encouraging others to do the same, they still have a long way to go.

This is the right time for Gen Z to challenge them and come to the forefront to brand themselves as future leaders among their community.

Generation Z: Time to Rise Up

Generation Z, your future is threatened. This time isn’t for laughing at the memes and sharing them across your different pla^orms, but for being leaders in your community.

People are out of jobs. Education is suffering. Elders are at risk.

This is your crisis, and those who stand up during this grave time will be remembered. You’re fighting your own war, but from home and with yourself. Staying isolated is tough, but this is where your patience and determination come in.

Gen Z – if not all of it, then most – is still out there, not listening to the warnings. It’s up to you to set an example for them and get your voice heard, not in person, but from behind your screen. Instead of playing games and sharing memes, encourage others to stay indoors.

Use your various social media pla^orms to spread awareness, not fear. It’s up to you to face this coronavirus pandemic, but you’re not alone. Others in your generation will face it too in their own communities.

Will you accept this challenge?

Will you become one of the future leaders to lead the movements of maintaining social distance and good hygiene?

Take one step forward, and others will soon join you, not behind you, but beside you, walking to cancel this coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19, you’re canceled!

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