What Makes New Year’s Special?

The New Year and a new decade are closing in. This gives us a chance to reflect back on all of the changes that have come about in our lives. It also allows us to decide what we want to change and predict possible changes in the years to come. For Christians, this is a great way to extend Christmas celebrations. This means that the spirit of giving carries on into the New Year.

Here’s what makes New Year’s special for so many people across the globe:

The New Year Reminds to Move Forward
A new year should be treated as an opportunity to grow. It helps to remember that we’re constantly moving forward. That is why you shouldn’t dwell on the past and use your experiences as lessons to improve on in the future. You must reflect on your failures in order to be able to develop better solutions for the future. Doing this is a sign of an effective leader. The New Year is just a reminder for us that things inevitably move forward, and that with the right will, we can too.

The Event Brings Us Closer to Others
New Year’s Eve gives us the chance to post nice pictures on Instagram, and share memes on social media. While that may seem vain to some, it is a good way of bringing us closer to each other. It reminds that there are others just like us who are universally experiencing the same thing, albeit in different ways.

It is important for us to remember that each of us is similar in more ways than we are different. This can promote a level of tolerance for each other that is still lacking in today’s world. Christ taught us about tolerance through the way he treated everyone – even those shunned from society. We should try and emulate that kind of respect toward others. We can be great leaders if we can work with everyone, regardless of what opinions they may have on others.

Use the New Year to Give Back
Because New Year’s is closely associated with and celebrated alongside Christmas, the idea of giving to others is still present. Take Jesus, for example. Throughout his life, he gave all that he could to others around him. That included his word, his respect for others, and his own life. You don’t have to make sacrifices like that, but you should try and start small and begin the New Year by thinking about what you can give to this world than take from it.

Last Few Words
Each year, people make resolutions that involve making a serious change in their lives. This works for some, but it fails for most people. You need to think differently. Don’t make one resolution that is difficult to achieve. Focus on making small changes that you feel will create a better version of you. You have to be true to yourself in order to grow. You can’t move forward when you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not. Focus on your strengths and shortcomings, and improve them gradually. You and everyone else on this planet are blessed with a new year, and a new decade. Use it as an opportunity for self-reflection, and self- improvement.

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