3 Reasons Why Using Your Voice to Make a Difference Is Incredibly Important

Are you scared of speaking up? Do you feel that your voice doesn’t matter?

We live in a world that is buzzing with voices coming from all corners of the world. More often than not, you are reading the news and views of people that may have fallen prey to sensational media propaganda. Hence, the real facts and the truth are often buried deep within the manipulated agendas of the higher-ups.

But that doesn’t mean that you are ignorant of the bitter realities of life. In fact, many of us are unfortunate enough to become witnesses of heinous crimes committed by the system built to protects us. Or we are the victim of discrimination and bullying.

On another note, it really doesn’t matter if you are speaking up against injustice. Or you are speaking out to bring a change in the world. The thing that matters is that you are being courageous enough to raise your voice.

However, most of us are too scared of taking this little step. That is because our doubts hold us back and the backlash we might get makes us bite our tongues. But if you really believe that your voice can change the system then you should speak up.

Here is why speaking up is very important:

1. The Inspiration
It is a fact that ideas and inspirations usually come from a single source. But that idea forms a realistic structure when others join in the particular cause. However, you can’t start a movement without someone initiating and motivating the followers.

This is why we say that you can lead the way to a revolution if you step out of your shell and back your ideas with your powerful voice.

2. The Awareness
A little spark can create a forest fire. This is how you should view your opinions when they are against injustice, hate crimes, and other discriminations that you face every day. You see, we like to believe that we live in a fair system and that the supervisors, adults know what is happening in our lives. But this is just an assumption.

Many people don’t know what is happening around the world. That is why, until and unless you don’t speak up for your rights, no one can help you. So get up and shed light on the wrongdoings that are happening around you.

3. The Confidence
Not only does your voice instill confidence in yourself, but it also injects confidence in others. For instance, Rosa Parks wasn’t the only black person on her bus that day. However, she was the only passenger that denied the rule and stood for her right. This woman’s determination and principles were able to create a ripple effect.

Hence, she became the voice of countless individuals that suffered because of segregation rules. If she hadn’t spoken up that day we might still be living in a world that operated by the Jim Crowe legal system.

What does this tell you? An event like this shows us how one voice can make a difference. And many voices together can bring about that change. So don’t hesitate to speak what’s on your mind and see the chain reaction it creates.

Are you ready to take a stand?

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