How You Can Make a Difference, No Matter How Small

The biggest revolutions in humanity, bolstered by a large following, often started with just one person with an ambition. It took just one man with an idea and unrivalled passion to spark some of the greatest world-renowned socio-political movements we know today.  

You’d think that in order to make a difference, one needs to have a wealthy and influential background. History, however, speaks otherwise. Most luminaries, if not all, did not have the privilege, wealth, and critical education to achieve what they did. But their passion, sincerity, and sense of justice impelled them to break-free from these limitations and spark the change.

So, what does this really tell us about making a difference? What does “change” fundamentally require? Is money the catalyst? Or influence? Perhaps, it is a strong political background? After all, one needs a stable medium, mass following, and influencers to be able to materialize their socio-political goals.  

The answer to this question will come shortly. First, we need to understand the roots of “change”. If revolutions were born out of money-minting tycoons, then every rich person should’ve been an inspiring leader. However, that isn’t the case today.  

If history has taught us anything, it’s that making a difference has nothing to do with being small and having less. Human beings can easily make-up for the smallness of their size with hard work, passion, and a strong will to fix the ills of society.  

So if you still think, “setting your mark” and “changing the world” are beyond your league, then it’s time to revisit the lives of these great revolutionaries. Let’s get to know some of the most inspiring revolutionary giants who may have started small but left behind flourishing legacies.

1. Malcolm X
Black history isn’t something we’re taught in schools with the truthfulness it deserves. Malcolm X, a shining human rights’ activist, would have never known he’ll grow up to become one of the loudest voices for African American rights.

He lost his father to a brutal murder at a tender age and spent his childhood in a series of foster homes after his mother was admitted to a mental hospital. His youth languished in jail when he got involved in drugs, theft, and gang crimes.

The time he spent in jail was life changing. In his own words, he decided to educate himself and read every single book he could find. He turned over a new leaf and set on a profound journey to fight for the Blacks in America. His movement gained immense popularity, so much so that he began receiving death threats.

Although he was assassinated shortly after, there are a wealth of lessons to learn from his life. The most important being that it doesn’t matter how small you are, if you have courage and passion, you can make a remarkable difference.

2. Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin – one of the founding fathers of the United States— was the son of a soap maker. He dropped out of school at 10 because his family couldn’t afford the expenses. However, he didn’t allow his financial limitations to stop him from learning.

He was an avid reader and read every single thing he could get his hands on. He grew up to open his own printing business and a famous library. His biggest contribution to the national history of the United States is that he drafted the celebrated Declaration of Independence in 1776. Along with being a prominent luminary during the American Revolution, Franklin was a successful scientist and inventor. He achieved all this despite receiving formal education.

These are only a few of the greatest people who have set the world on fire despite being small. Had they listened to the voices trying to bring them down and denouncing them for being insignificant, our world would still be waiting for a savior.

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