Malcolm X – A Rebel And A Movement All By Himself

Malcolm X – one of the bravest champions of justice— is known for many things. He was a human rights activist, a religious leader, an inspirational mentor, and one of the greatest icons of the Black Power movement.

He not only inspired the people who truly saw him in his element with their own eyes but also future generations. Brutally silenced during his final address on 21st February 1965, his enemies didn’t know that Malcolm will outlive them all.

His entire life was a fierce battle of ideas where each time the powerful tyrants hailed oppression, he stood up with an even louder voice against them. If there was one thing Malcolm absolutely despised, then it was systematic racism and discrimination on the basis of that.

His tall structure and striking beauty have been beautifully likened to a black panther – fierce yet gentle— in the book “Malcolm X – An Autobiography”. It’s quite safe to say that this legendary man was a rebel and a movement all by himself.

Had he been alive today, his name alone could have sent shivers down the spines of the most ruthless tyrants of our age. Let’s have a look at some of his shining achievements and qualities that made him the luminary that he is.

1. A Powerful Model for Black Rights
Malcolm was an icon of the civil rights’ struggle during its toughest phases in America. He lived in an extremely dark time where the Blacks were persecuted, oppressed, and publically discriminated against. The worst part was that no one had the courage to speak or fight for racial equality until this man decided to step forward and raise his voice. His entire life has been a series of blood, sweat, and tears to bring a revolution for the Blacks. His life’s purpose was to speak powerful words that shake the conscience of the oppressors. The Black Panther Movement – an extremely popular political group in the 1950s— regarded Malcolm as their ultimate leader and savior. Slowly, the voices against racial oppression and institutional slavery became louder as Malcolm started gaining influence.

2. A Fearless Orator
Anyone who has seen this man speak will know that he only spoke the truth. Silence would fall in the room the moment Malcolm rose to the podium to address his followers. His voice, fierce and powerful, boomed through the halls and planted the seeds of revolution in the hearts of his listeners. None could scare the oppressors with mere words as Malcolm did. The most his enemies could do was send him death threats because no one could argue with this great man.

3. A Person True to Himself
There is no leader who has genuinely amassed great support and following without remaining true to himself. If Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary”, then he meant it not only for his followers but also for himself. He stood against racial discrimination and oppression, even if it meant that he had to sacrifice his own life for it. Even when this great man is not with us today, he has left an incredible legacy that will thrive to see justice, equality, and peace. He was a one-man army who lived with a deep purpose to root out racism and inequality from the United States and the entire world. Let us all carry Malcolm X’s legacy forward.

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