3 Reasons Why Rosa Parks’ Story is More Relevant Than Ever

Do you see the news every day? What does it tell you?

The sensational headlines talk about black kids being shot by a white cop. They tell you about the countless allegations against men in big suits harassing young women. Additionally, you hear about a lone gunman shooting up schools. As a whole, our lives are drenched by violence and brutality that has swallowed up many lives.

Yet, you sit there with your arms folded, shrugging your shoulders and shaking your head saying, “What can I do about this?”

The thing is, we can do a whole lot of good even if it doesn’t look like much in the beginning. Take the example of Rosa Parks. This remarkable woman inspired the whole black community to stand for their rights during Jim Crowe. She stood up for herself and her race against the many white forces that had constantly belittled her. And eventually, she won!

Now, you might say that her story was only relatable to people who lived then and there. That it surely can’t apply to the modern times or to the present conditions. We are after all, ‘better off’ than our ancestors. But is that really true?

Rosa Parks’ own niece Urana Mccauley thinks that:
“Her story is more relevant than ever because she and people like her laid a foundation so that women today can be more vocal, can run for office, can demand equal rights and equal pay, and say we don’t have to be harassed.”

Here is the message that we get from this enlightening statement:

1. Women Empowerment
For starters, Rosa Parks empowers women to do everything they can against the injustice they received in their day to day lives. The fact that she spoke against the law in the 1960s without any fear speaks volumes to how much we can do now. That is because we have more facilities and privileges available to us. We have more mediums to let our voice reach the public. Therefore, whether it is an issue related to harassment or a case of gender biases in the office that discriminates them from getting benefits. Whatever the reason may be, we have every right to take a stand.

2. Symbol of Change
Moreover, Rosa Parks showed that you don’t have to be a big shot senator or lawyer to change the law. Rather if you have the passion to bring a change in the community, then you can certainly take an action to put that change into motion. Who knows? Maybe there are others like you who are just waiting for someone else to first speak up.

3. The Right to Fight
It is no secret that Rosa Parks was an activist for the Civil Rights Movement. She was bold enough to work together with a team of like-minded enthusiast that knew that it was time for the laws to change. She witnessed a great many losses and yet sacrificed everything she could to fight for our benefit. In a nutshell, her spirited endeavors show us that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. The only thing of importance is your self-worth and courage to defend your rights. That is because even the smallest actions could bring about the biggest change in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go take a stand!

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