The Ultimate Search – Finding Your Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose – both such heavy prospects, so unachievable and unattainable at such a young age— yet, now is just the perfect time to identify your path.

Before you scoff and turn away, here us out on why we think so.

Sure, discovering your passion and purpose might not seem like something you have to worry about during your youth. But it is still the best time because you have a very straightforward path; up. You’re studying for a brighter future, and a world of possibilities waits.

However, we know that you’re intimidated because you don’t really know where to start.

Do you go with a purpose and passion that’s more constructive? Do you go with your dreams? Furthermore, how will you know it’s even achievable?

Here’s what we think you should do!

Learn the Meaning of Purpose and Passion
Ask anyone what their purpose in life would be, and the answer would usually be a blasé response, along the lines of, “oh I just want to earn a lot of money and have fun with my life, nothing too heavy.”

But think about it, is this even constructive?

Are you truly doing justice yourself?

Your true potential is only being squandered because you’d rather do what is easy, instead of what’s right, and meant for you. And that is where your purpose comes in. When searching for purpose, you must find what your most authentic self wants, what you dream about in your deepest desires.

Once you find that, you’ll automatically have the passion for it, an emotion that allows you to honor whatever it is you feel. You’ll love your purpose, and by love, we don’t mean that you’ll spend hours and days in pursuit of it, but that you’ll genuinely enjoy doing it. So much that you won’t even notice the time. That is what your passion will be.

Finding Your Passion and Purpose
Firstly, differentiate between your social self and true self.

Your social self will be the one who will stand in your way, who’ll guide you down the road that’s socially acceptable. It’ll tell you what you should do, so that you can save face in front of outside influences. Do not listen to this voice.

Learn the difference between your voice of reason, and that of other people and society. Instead of going down the easy path, choosing a more conventional purpose, choose one that you’d be happy with. Do not find a path, just because it’s acceptable to others. Remember; it is your life, your purpose, your goal.

Do what is good and right to you, not to the people around you.

Secondly, reorganize your thoughts, and do not let yourself fall for into the comfortable trap of doing something conventional. If you’re having trouble going down your chosen path, don’t feel disheartened. If you’re facing more difficulties, this means you’re learning and you’re standing up against more challenges. As you succeed, you’ll head into a more positive direction with less of a chance for failure, because you’ll already know what to do.

And because of that, your natural greed for success and self-satisfaction will only embolden your passion.

Getting Help!
If you seek assistance in finding your passion, start by developing your basic skills such as leadership. Try new things and learn new skills so you can be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Sign up for workshops hosted by organizations such as Youth with a Future. Through their urban youth leadership development workshops, you’ll discover even more about what you need to lead yourself on a better path!

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