Behind Every Successful Leader: How to be an Encouraging Parent

When it comes to being a successful parent, sometimes knowing that your children are happy and healthy is satisfying enough. But how do you do more?
Sure, being a parent is tough and sometimes, taking care of your children while handling adult responsibilities can be overwhelming. But when push comes to shove, you know you have to do your best to ensure that they’re the best of the best out there, and that they succeed in whatever they do.
But if you’re a bit clueless on how you can be that kind of a parent to your teen, here are some things you should do.

Value Lessons over Achievements

Don’t encourage them to win, just for the sake of winning. Fixating on overcoming your challenges and just achieving someway or other can have a negative impact on your future generation, and can give them the wrong idea on exactly how they can achieve their desired result. In every case and every challenge, encourage your youth to instead focus on what they can learn from this, and how they can implement these lessons in the future.

Don’t Over-Praise

Yes, younger people need proper praise and appreciation so they can have a higher level of self-esteem. But try not to pile on too much praise otherwise your teen will become over-confident. Praise them on their accomplishments like winning a competition or getting good final grades. But don’t gush every time they hand their homework in or play a game. Forgo that ‘everyone gets a trophy’ thinking.

Teach them to Not be Afraid of Failure

Even for an accomplished individual, it’s impossible that they haven’t experienced failure in their life. Teach your youth that success in life is built on learning from your failures, knowing what not to do. If your offspring isn’t ever allowed to fail, they won’t know risks. Moreover, they won’t know what to do if there is a potential for failure. Not to mention if something does happen, they’ll be more worried about your disappointment, rather than how this failure might be impacting their own mental health.

Learn to Say No

A leader knows that to have something they want; they have to be willing to work for it. Nurture your teen’s patience. Say no when they want something that they’d originally have to work for. Teach them that everything in life will not be handed to them as it was when they were younger. And that they have to work for what they want.

Let them Solve their Own Problems

As a parent, you’ll naturally want to take over the reins if your teenager comes across a hurdle. Don’t let your protective instincts take hold. If you keep on swooping in to save the day, your child will never learn how to take action by themselves. They won’t be able to learn about responsibility and taking charge.

Show Them You’re Human

Every young person considers their parents to be infallible. But it’s this thinking that puts a lot of pressure on them, because they feel like they’re somehow failing you, just because they’re making mistakes, when you couldn’t have made a single one. We all know that’s not true. Instead, tell them about your own vulnerabilities. Show them that you’re not super human and that you learned from your mistakes.

Develop Your Youth’s Leadership Skills

Talk to your teenager’s school and suggest leadership development programs. Organizations such as YWAF or ‘Youth with a Future’ offer seminars and workshops for the urban youth, and teach them to excel by developing necessary leadership skills. Take active part in your youth’s mental development so they can be more stable and stronger adults!

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