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Youth With A Future™(YWF) is a division of Transformational Leadership Forum (TLF) , a not-for-profit organization founded in the summer of 2011 by Dr. Robert Fomer. Since then, the organization has grown into a reliable platform for training and leadership development for various segments of society, focusing mainly on the youth aged 14 to 24.

As TLF’s program that focuses on creating young leaders, YWF is committed to providing leadership development opportunities to urban youth. Devised with the singular purpose to challenge and instill leadership within youth through mentoring, social networking, and community partnerships, the organization currently uses an array of meticulously designed networking events, conferences, workshops, training and mentoring programs, and discussion forums.

With hope and belief in the role the next generation of leaders can play for the rise of the American nation, Dr. Fomer and his team are working tirelessly to provide the young minds the information, training, knowledge and opportunities they need to become effective leaders of positive social change.

Over the past six years, YWF has grown from an idea into a robust program that trains its young participants on a select set of leadership values. The program currently focuses on urban youth in Denver, CO, but is led by the vision to expand into various cities and communities across the country.

Creating the right kind of content and choosing the right kind of media to deliver the message is the key to successful social change. YWF has strategically chosen to communicate with the youth through various digital media, including a mobile app, an interactive website, and in the future a leadership magazine, a Blog Talk Radio program, a monthly newsletter, and other instruments.

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Youth With A Future Leadership Magazine
YWAF believes meaningful communication of its goals with Generation Z is the pathway to future success of its programs and developing transformational leadership in the nation’s youth. We need to raise $20,000 for our 2020 program! We need your support please give to help us today.

All Proceeds from purchase of eBooks will go to
Youth With A Future “Summer Leadership Workshop”

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